Who are we…

Center for Education and Human Rights Association – a nongovernmental association established in November 2011, with the aims to promote democratic value, respect for fundamental human rights and liberties and improve the access to education, culture and social development for national minorities

The association has been created at the initiative of people with vast experience in social inclusion, education, social work and research. CEDO main focus of its activities is social inclusion in all area of public life, especially access to education for children of Roma origins and children belong to vulnerable groups.

 Our vision

Is to give to vulnerable groups multiple opportunities for better life.

 Our values

As an organisation and as individuals, we value integrity, transparancy, honesty and mutual respect. We are committed to our partners and beneficiary groups in providing quality and professional support with the aim of ensuring equal access to education, employment, health and housing. We take on big challenges and innovative projects.

Our Mission is TO


On curent situation of the vulnerable groups and Roma minority by duing analises and studies


Local communities through development of programs and projecs which are planned and implemented cooperatively.


Tehnical assistance and work toward the development of long-term solutions with local comunities.


Through equitable partnerships with those in need to achieve positive and sustainable change in communities.


Networks that develop capacity and skills at all levels for Roma people and other vulnerable groups.


and cultivate relationships with local authorities, which effectively work for local comunity


and expand the equitable and participatory involvement of women in the development process.


the rights and ability of all children to attain their full potential, and to assist in assuring the child’s survival to achieve that potential.